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Alone I am (n)one (Build up the Part)
Alone I am but one,
Let me be free to admit,
That it takes two to commit.
The stones in my walls get chipped,
And some days I'm just ready to fall over,
For no reason at all but the dreams in my head,
Stand with me and dance,
Is but a motto that I say constantly,
If only to get me to rise and dance myself.
Some days no one wants,
To be the hero we all need,
And so we stay in silence and dismay.
Sometimes we all just,
Get so mad at our lot,
We throw the cards and scream out loud.
Maybe its the changing times,
Maybe its the sea and flow of it all,
OR maybe we are not stone but sand.
Building into me,
As you stick to my soil,
To ebb away when time claims you.
All alone whose strong one,
When no one is there to watch us shine,
When the eyes have turned away from the scene,
IF we need these eyes,
To grow as they monitor change,
Will we melt away from their dismiss?
Alone I am none,
Lonely I am none,
Without another I am one.
I'm not stone,
A wall to defend,
To hold back the flood.
For the w
:iconzanerus:Zanerus 1 0
I can be (Step to our dance)
I can be ice,
Sugar and filled with nice,
Or stuck on the floor by the my vice.
I can be light,
Built up in the night,
Or I can flee from every fight.
Maybe I'll be a charmer,
Or I'll be the disalamer,
A million faces and a million modes.
And guess what?
Its alright to be this way,
As we all can be a million ways.
Dance to the beat,
Set by your own feet,
As the stars fly past so sweet.
You can be fury,
You can be painted in worry,
Even add in a coat of weary to your wares.
You face will change,
With the chimes of hours passin,
And so will mine to the steps tappin.
You can change in this scene,
And you can be the mask or a million more,
As the walls crack away to our dance.
I can be sugar.
I can be like ice,
But its all alright.
:iconzanerus:Zanerus 0 0
Our Call
Smile wider,
With earnest touching the lips,
And hope lighting each feature anew.
Stand taller,
Before we all can fall,
Knees have to buckle from it all,
Sing louder,
Scream out the hymns of our numbers,
Where we sing the power we surround.
This is our credo,
Stand taller and sing all the more,
For the shadows nor the wall will make us tumble.
Sing it out,
Sing out your call,
Sing out the call of our age.
Stand all that tall,
And smile that much wider,
We are here to live and to fight.
Smile that much wider,
Knowing you won't stop,
Till the stars are in your eyes.
:iconzanerus:Zanerus 0 1
Mature content
Toxic heart :iconzanerus:Zanerus 0 3
What is love
What is love,
With the guarded hand,
Holding over your heart and words.
I say open up,
Cut the line,
And break down your wall.
With your floodgates gone,
Wash me up with all your raw emotion.
Sure the water's hot and I'll burn but baby,
Burn me,
Rob my heart blind,
And take my logic right from me.
Cause I wanna see,
The world through your eyes,
And I wanna be floating on the sea of your heart.
:iconzanerus:Zanerus 0 0
There is honesty
There is honesty in the pen,
For the man who wears the mask will sing,
His cue is but a part to play with no chains to the face.
But there is honesty in the mouth,
For emotion holds a heated tip,
stabbed deep in the heart where words burst forth.
My flowers and his prose,
Shape a world of wonder and majesty,
Truth is lost to the pen of the poet who cannot face himself.
The man so tied in his own webs,
Lost from the light of the mask's embrace,
Truth is lost to the mouth of the man with no guard.
Both hidden from the judge,
As clouds form in the poet's sky,
till there is no light and only truth.
But there is honesty,
In the darkest dark,
Where no mask may reach.
In fear,
Shivers run up the spine,
And no lies may defend or defeat.
There is honesty,
In the weakest state,
For that is all that remains.
:iconzanerus:Zanerus 4 0
Hymn of a low level hell
The knife of pity burns,
As the flesh turns charred,
Infected is the virus, lasting is the taint.
How it holds me,
Wrapped in arms of worry,
Crying in my mind without a tear.
The blades stab deep,
Draining energy and patience,
When the hymn is only level four.
Our song of madness,
Screams out in pain,
Till there is no sound.
Stand is what we do,
Stand till the stone cracks,
And the weight of the world is gone.
My walls are cracked,
But we are standing,
As the blades dive deeper.
Victim and a tool,
Useless and worthless,
Just a dollar sign attached to a name.
Stand up all the more.
Rise up again and again,
And never give in the core of one's self.
All respect is drained,
But I am but the shards on the floor,
Of this low level hell's madness mantra.
Death dance is not near me,
Nor is decay home in my bed,
The world of woe but glances my gaze and my side.
How sorrow I shall learn,
With her hand in mine,
But power I will lose in return.
This hymn is but a measure,
Of the world's records an
:iconzanerus:Zanerus 1 0
Arm me for the inner war
I'd shout for you,
To free me from the dark,
But to your light I'd be enslaved.
The light you shine,
I hunger on in every page,
I hunger and thirst for it in every word.
Free me,
From the haze,
That locks my mind and words.
But if you free me,
Your light will be all that keeps away,
The shadows that creep into my deepest soul.
To your need I'd dance,
We both know this to be true,
As your strength I'd need and lean upon.
Instead though I hunger,
Ignore the light that gleams,
Blinding my eyes and breaking down my soul.
Arm myself,
From the fight within,
Till the day this haze leaves me.
What war is there,
That ties me down and makes me run,
With tail tucked between my legs and orders deafening.
Alone to my thoughts I hide,
But the thoughts are what I deem,
The virus that takes hold and weighs on my chest.
Free me I'd scream,
But we both know it cannot be,
As the light is one that must come within.
Free me from myself,
Free me from this world,
Free me from this meaningless life.
These tho
:iconzanerus:Zanerus 2 0
Paint it
Paint the world anew with your scarlet letters,
As the days pass and cities fill with feathers.
When the angels come a callin,
Paint the city before you go fallin.
Paint the rear view mirror,
To a scene that is somehow nearer.
Gone into the sun,
We'll make this scene fun,
As the battery dies and the mind dries,
You better go give up on lies.
Paint this life anew,
Scream it like you're due.
The caged voice breaks
With words that each sound ache,
Trembling with fear and worry's course.
Shatter all the walls with echoed force.
Paint it all,
Before we spin and fall.
:iconzanerus:Zanerus 3 1
Why do I lie onstage? (To be a Adult)
Being an adult is complicated,
Finding happiness is hard,
And understanding others and ourselves is almost impossible.
Am i on the edge ,
Or just sitting in the dark again,
Reads the scene in the silent movie screen.
The feelings we hold,
Are but strings that dance on our stage,
And know all my love for you is not farce.
But my act is masked by restraint,
And in dishonesty for the child deep in me,
who only feels simply.
Why oh why,
We ask again,
why oh why, can't I find my friend.
Why oh why did she go away.
Why oh why did I fade away.
Hate me, Love me, why oh why, am I so deranged?
In the end we all say,
why oh why,
Am I so inane?
:iconzanerus:Zanerus 2 0
Sand and toil
From Chaos springs some gentle lands,
Whose notes crash in somber sands,
When land and sea embrace in dawning stands.
With the crash of wave and ebb of soil,
Time and chaos build and toil,
Waxing moons chime shortened coil.
Till land and the sea embrace,
Washing away the world in haste,
Wiped away and gone erased.
Till memory alone remains,
And sand still turns to change,
With all the soil drained.
:iconzanerus:Zanerus 2 0
Lovely Lullaby
Touch my life with yours,
Love all or we perish into none,
Repeat our words of power,
Never falter and never surrender the love inside,
For be it in the dark or in the light,
We all need a shoulder to lean on and a heart to sing,
Speak truthfully love honestly,
Be open in all ways to be the truth.
Touch my world,
Filled in a bubble floating high,
Build a castle with me,
In the summer sky.
As the wind rises,
So will the time that passes.
Yet I wanna fill it,
With all we decide.
Filled with a lovely lullaby.
:iconzanerus:Zanerus 5 2
Hours Fly
My dimes are chiming,
As the hours count fading dream,
When we all want things that gleam.
Out in the City nights,
Out in the darkest lights,
Do we believe?
Can I make a noise.
Will we all avoid,
What makes us real?
My hours fly,
When rage defines,
Who I'm meant to be.
:iconzanerus:Zanerus 1 0
Come to Me
What is Love
We ask to the millions,
Hold me,
Know me,
What is Compassion,
We ask to the billions.
Hear me,
Obverse Me,
What is Life,
We ask to the trillions
Perceive me
Understand me,
And come to me,
Understanding of the infinity.
Universe within I,
I within the Universe.
Reflect the self longing,
Deflect the self destruction.
With this clarity redefine,
The darkest skies as brights stars alight!
Come to me,
Oh with Love,
Oh with Compassion,
Oh with Understanding.
Come to me,
A better Destiny.
:iconzanerus:Zanerus 1 0
The Right Track
Life and death are both complicated, and facing either is beyond scary.
It has been a month and every day i think of her,
Hope heaven exists for her, and ask myself how to cultivate a better life.
My eyes are misaligned i know,
But with compassion and a prayer,
Maybe we can all leave a mark.
So many faces walk past us forgotten,
Yet i keep encountering faces who remember,
Guess I'm on the right track
:iconzanerus:Zanerus 2 0
Salmon Alfredo Dish by Zanerus Salmon Alfredo Dish :iconzanerus:Zanerus 1 9


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Hello I am Zanerus a strange writer and a jack of all trades. I'm slowly expanding onto many art sites and form of art. You can find my written work here as well as find journals on whats going on.

Recently started doing music which is found here It is all digital composition but not bad work at all. Zane the insane is also DJKitten.

Have a great day and keep dancing.

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Point of view: This is how the story is written, First: ( I / Me ) Second:( You / Your ) Third:( He / Her ) Also please list whose.
Leading Character: Who is the one we are seeing the story from?
Character info: Name, age, gender, height, weight, personality, and such
Extra: Any unfitting detail in those categories such as if the stories world has a fictional religion and so on.

Favourite genre of music: Alt rock, soft rock,tencho, Big band, swing, jive, jitterbug
Favourite photographer: My younger brother
Favourite style of art: Colored pictures
Operating System: Vista/XP/7
MP3 player of choice: Na
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Wallpaper of choice: Whatever I feel.
Skin of choice: My own
Personal Quote: "I'm so strange I'm deranged"
On January 7th my grand mother passed away suddenly. As told by the nurse with her, she was livley and talkitive before falling off her chair and passing on.

The friday before i had just moved out, and it hit the family hard hearing of her passing. We are still working on getting everything in order.

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